American Dreamzzz Podcast

A podcast about the search for the American Dream. Here is an introduction to the series.(RSS feed coming soon)Episode 001: Michael GravelleIn this first episod… more

Introducing "American Dreamzzz"

In this series, I am searching for the answers to these questions, wherever they lead. As an American, my first step to trying to find the answer to what our dr… more

Making postcards

Post cards are usually pretty cheesy, so I took it upon myself to make my own. It was really simple and cheap to do. This example uses pictures from old calenda… more

Puppet Assembly

Handmade puppets.

I am not a Poet

I was part of the editing team on this compilation of poetry by the homeless and underprivileged. It is dark, funny, depressing, and inspiring.


Holiday crafts

Monographed Papyrus Bank

A one-off monographed blank book for a friend with torn edges and a papyrus cover.

Scrap Blank

Blank book from reused materials.