Making postcards

Post cards are usually pretty cheesy, so I took it upon myself to make my own. It was really simple and cheap to do. This example uses pictures from old calenda… more

Making a Simple Book Press

Book presses easily cost hundreds of dollars if you want to buy one, but you can make one for under an hour for only a couple dollars. In this post, I show you… more

Collateral Vocabulary

A brief thought on an unexpected benefit of learning Swahili. more

Puppet Assembly

Handmade puppets.

I am not a Poet

I was part of the editing team on this compilation of poetry by the homeless and underprivileged. It is dark, funny, depressing, and inspiring.


Holiday crafts

Monographed Papyrus Bank

A one-off monographed blank book for a friend with torn edges and a papyrus cover.

Scrap Blank

Blank book from reused materials.